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Swiftr is now expanding into the Hotel and Car rental bookings industry!

Whether you manage a Hotel or Car Rental franchise, join us and tap into a growing market with an additional 25 million potential users.

We are the first fully integrated Travel platform to accept payments in Crypto currency alongside traditional payment methods!

The best part is that you can choose to receive your funds in either crypto currency or FIAT currency of your choice, with absolutely no risk.

  • Receive payments just like you do now, in any major FIAT currency.
  • Payments are instant, same as any other booking system.
  • All clients will provide you with a valid Credit Card and ID during Check-in.
  • We will be fully integrated with your existing PMS, CRBMS and OTA platforms.
  • We will work with your existing Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Hotel and Car Rental Companies

Crypto currencies are here to stay...

Over 25 million individuals currently hold crypto currency. This has more than doubled in the last 12 months.

Now is the time to move your company forward with swiftr, don't be left behind.

Swiftr already sucesfully provides Flights and Vacation rental properties with both traditional and crypto payment options.

We already offer Flights
and Vacation Rental Properties

How It Works

Just like any other channel you may use, we offer our users a booking system to complete their reservation online using a number of payment methods.

In addition to traditional payments, we also offer our users the ability to complete their payment using a number of crypto currencies.

Our platform provides users with a secure wallet to use during the reservation process.


Reservation is initiated

A reservation request is sent to the supplier to check availability


Reservation is accepted

Response is received and payment is initiated to the supplier directly from swiftr in the currency of your choice


Guest arrival

When the user arrives, they must provide a valid ID and Credit Card to you, the supplier. However the principal amount has already been paid.

Over 15,000 downloads of our App in the last week alone!



Our current numbers

1000000 Crypto Users Worldwide
1 Flight Destinations
1 Current Vacation Rentals
1 App Downloads in the last 7 days


Register your interest and let us know which management software you are currently using.

This will allow us to start working on integrating our platform and register our app as a syndication channel with your existing management software.

We will inform you as soon as is fully integrated and available as a distribution channel so that you can become part of it.